The Christmas Story

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Summery of the content

The Christmas Story begins with the angel’s annunciation of Jesus’ birth and ends with Mary’s and Joseph’s escape to Egypt. Mary, who is soon expecting, and Joseph are on their way to their hometown of Bethlehem for a census ordered by Emperor Augustus. In Persia the astronomers Casper, Melchior and Balthasar discover the star of Bethlehem, which they interpret as a sign for the birth of a great king who is to bring hope and peace to mankind. Thereupon they set out on the journey to Bethlehem. Five shepherds hear the announcement of the Saviour’s birth by an angel and go to greet the child in the stable of Bethlehem. Finally, Casper, Melchior and Balthasar arrive at the stable of Bethlehem, greet the child with presents and advise Mary and Joseph to flee from Herod.

Number of rolls and duration of a performance
The script consists of three scenes. Very young children could perform the third scene only, slightly older children the first and third scenes and again a little older children all three scenes. The third scene can be performed by 10 children (this number can be increased by adding a few shepherds (non speaking roles)), all three scenes by 30 children. The running time for the complete play is around 30 minutes

Script 8 pages, total 26 pages

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