The Shooting Stars

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Summery of the content
“The Shooting Stars” is one of the “Tales of the little Hedgehogs”. In this play the Little Hedgehog admires the beautifully glittering stars and wishes he could travel to them. The moon tells him how to do this: he must find a shooting star to take him there. In the course of many nights he meets many shooting stars, but none of them is big enough to carry him to the stars. However, the Little Hedgehog does not lose hope and is confident that one day he will be able to realise his dream.

Number of rolls and duration of a performance
“The Shooting Stars” assigns parts to 19 children (10 speaking roles, 9 non- speaking roles). This number can be increased by adding stars or shooting stars (non-speaking roles) or reduced by reducing the number of stars or shooting stars. The duration of a performance is about 10 minutes.

Script 2 pages, total 7 pages