The Happy Moment

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Summery of the content
“The Happy Moment” is one of the ”Tales of the little Hedgehogs”. In this play the Little Hedgehog and his friend the Little Hedgehogess lay down in the grass to wait for a happy moment. The sun shines, they watch the butterflies dancing around them, hear a frog showing them how he enjoys hopping around and listen to the call of a cuckoo promising both of them something nice. But in spite of having enjoyed all this very much, at the end of the day, they are not aware that on this beautiful afternoon they already have experienced many happy moments and therefore plan on meeting again for looking together for a happy moment.

Number of rolls and duration of aperformance
The script assigns parts to 8 children. By adding additional animal roles to the individual scenes, this number can be increased to 12 or even 16. The duration of a performance is about 15 minutes.

Script 5 pages, total 14 pages