The Paradise

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Summery of the content
“Looking for Paradise” is one of the “Tales of the little Hedgehogs”. In this play the Little Hedgehog is looking for paradise. While searching he meets his friend the Little Hedgehogess. Since she is looking for herbs for her grandparents, they decide to do it together. While searching and playing they meet the animals of the forest, which help them to find the herbs. But they do not know where to look for the Little Hedghog’s paradise. Finally, when both of them feel butterflies in their bellies, they think they are very close to finding it.


Number of rolls and duration of a performance
„Looking for Paradise“ contains 7 roles. This number can be increased by having the performing animals each appear not only individually, but multiple times (roles without speech text). The duration of a performance is about 15 minutes.

Script 5 pages, total 10 pages

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