Journey to the Horizon

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Summery of the content

“The Horizon” is one of the “Tales of the little Hedgehogs”. In this play the Little  Hedgehog goes on an adventurous journey to find the horizon. By ship he crosses several oceans and meets the inhabitants of three mysterious islands. On the Island of Calm a wise woman helps him to understand the horizon’s secret: Behind each horizon you have reached the next one will emerge and bring new challenges. Happily the Little Hedgehog continues his journey from horizon to horizon by crossing the endless, dangerous and beautiful sea.

Number of rolls and duration of a performance
“The Journey to the Horizon” assigns parts to 18 children. This number can be increased or reduced by increasing or reducing the number of island inhabitants (non-speaking roles). The duration of a performance is about 15 minutes.

Script 5 pages, total 15 pages