The Gigantic Bow and Arrow

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Summery of the content
This story is about man`s attempt and to rule over nature. Once upon a time there was a large kingdom suffering from a long-lasting draught that caused only poor harvests. On the royal councillor`s advice, a very big bow with a large arrow was built to tear off a part of the sun’s disc. This being done the problem seemed to be solved but soon there was a new and very dangerous threat. Due to the colder weather strange monsters spread all over the country. In their misery people now tried to restore the sun’s old shape. But they had to learn that it is much more difficult to repair nature than to destroy it.

Number of rolls and duration of a performance
If both scenes of the “Giant Bow and Arrow” are performed by different children, 32 children are needed for the performance. Otherwise the number is reduced to about 20 children. The duration of a performance is about 25 minutes

Script 12 pages, total 24 pages