Jumping Over Your Shadow

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Summery of the content
“Jumping over your Shadow” is one of the “Tales of the little Hedgehogs”. In this play the Little Hedgehog and the Little Hedgehogess try to jump over their own shadow. They do not succeed and therefore ask the deer, the hares and the frogs to try to do it. But they do not succeed either. Eventually, the Little Hedgehogess starts to fool around. However, the Little Hedgehog does not like that at all and gets angry, because he thinks this is a serious matter. Finally, he jumps over his own shadow (in a figurative sense) by being even more foolish than the Little Hedgehogess. The little Hedgehogs thus learn that you really can jump over your own shadow.

Number of rolls and duration of a performance
The script assigns parts to 11 children. This number can be increased by adding additional animals (non-speaking roles) to the individual scenes (according to the script, only two animals of the same kind come on stage in the individual scenes.). The duration of a performance is about 15 minutes.

Script 5 pages, total 12 pages